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If you have chronic pain or you suffer from any conditions resistant to most other modalities of treatment, osteopathy may be what you need. The goal of osteopathic treatment is to heal and strengthen the body’s framework, while enhancing the nervous, circulatory and lymphatic systems within the body.

A Manual Osteopathic practitioner offers an effective treatment by actively assisting the body through various techniques in order to realign and heal itself.  Osteopathy is a holistic approach towards client centred wellness and healing based on restoring the balance of structure and function within the body. Osteopathy utilizes a variety of techniques during treatments such as soft tissue manipulation, osteopathic articular techniques, joint mobilization and cranial and visceral practices to provide a comprehensive treatment.

Osteopathy can treat numerous conditions the most common being TMJ, low back pain, sciatica, arithric pain, sports injuries, carpal tunnel, headaches, whiplash injury as well as any injury involving joint tendonitis, pain or stiffness.

For most insurance companies referrals are not needed and offer an annual allowance for the service